Contact form listbox fields

Sometimes you need Listbox fields without a default value on your contact form, so the customer has to pick one option from the Listbox instead of using a default value. This can be useful if you need to find out some specific information from customers like a version of your product, the color of a specific product, etc…

This guide shows you how to set up a Listbox on your contact form.

1. navigate to Configuration > Contact form and choose one of the options to create a contact form button or in-page form.

2. in 'Edit contact form' section navigate to Contact form > Fields > click on ‘Add field’ > Create field. Then just set the name and label of the new list box field.

3. once the field is created >

a. you can set if this field should be mandatory or not.

b. from the dropdown menu choose the ‘Listbox’ option.

c. click on ‘edit’ next to the ‘Listbox’ option to add values that will be displayed in the field. Write all values separated by a new line.

4. save Listbox values and save your form

5. navigate to the ‘Integration‘ section and copy the contact form's integration code.

6. Insert the code to your website and you are done