Viber integration for cloud-hosted accounts

Viber integration (available in is a simple way to let your customers reach you via Viber. The only thing you need to do is to have your Viber account setup on your phone and then create an Active Bot. We are going to show you below how to do that step by step.

In case you do not have an active Viber account yet, you can set it up following this tutorial.

Please note that it is not possible to create a Viber account with a VOIP phone number. The only option is to use your regular GSM phone number. 

It is also not possible to integrate a regular Viber account, therefore you need to create an Active Bot. Your regular Viber account through which you will create the bot will be automatically set as the account administrator of your Active bot.

Once you have your Viber account set up on your phone, you can start creating an Active Bot. To do that, you need to go to this website and enter the phone number on which you have successfully installed your Viber account. Shortly after that, you will receive a Viber message with a code that you need to insert in order to successfully log in.

After logging in, you need to click on the "Create bot account".

A new window will pop up where you need to enter all the details and click save. Saving it will automatically generate a token. You will need this token in steps to come so copy this token and keep it close!

If you already have the token copied, you can now open your LiveAgent panel and navigate to Configuration>System>Plugin>Viber>enable. 

Once you have the Viber plugin activated, navigate to Configuration>Viber accounts>Connect. A new window will pop up.

Now you need to paste the token you copied in your Active Bot account in the column "Token". Select the department to which your Viber messages should be fetched, click on "connect" and that's it! Your Viber account is now successfully connected!


If you want your customers to get in touch with you via Viber, place the QR code from your Viber Active Bot account to your website. 

Your customers will need to scan the QR code from your website in their Viber account. They can do so after clicking "More" and then the QR icon at the right top of the screen.

Then they should place the QR code in the middle of the screen, the code will be automatically scanned, and voila! Now they can start texting with you! 


If instead of a QR code you'd rather have a link or button on your website which the customer can click to contact your public profile via Viber then you simply need to add a link to viber://pa?chatURI=[public account URI] where you'd replace the [public account URI] with the URI you had set up during creation of your Viber Bot, so in the case of example depicted on our screenshot above in the article the link would be viber://pa?chatURI=liveagent. You can find more info about this approach here.