Viber account integration

The Viber integration allows you to connect your Viber Bot account to your LiveAgent account and fetch and reply to Viber messages directly from the LiveAgent panel. Every new Viber message appears in tickets as a separate ticket message. It is required to have a Viber Bot account, regular Viber accounts with linked phone numbers cannot be integrated.

Viber Bot account creation

Due to the changes in Viber's commercial model, since 5.2.2024 Viber bots cannot be created by users but have to be created by Viber partners or Viber directly, see this article for more information. After creating a new bot Viber support or chosen Viber partner shall provide you with the token required for integration or information on where to locate it.

Users with legacy bots created before the mentioned date are still able to access their Viber partners panel and integrate their existing legacy bots, but cannot create new legacy bots. The token of a legacy bot is always visible in your Bot account's settings. Users with legacy Viber bots are recommended to check also this article to understand legacy bots' limitations and pricing model.

Integrating Viber Bot account with LiveAgent

In your LiveAgent panel navigate to Configuration > Viber > Viber accounts and click on the "Connect" button.

In the Connect Viber account window insert the token of your Viber Bot account into the "Token" field, select the department to which your Viber messages should be fetched, and click "Connect".

That's it. Your Viber account is now successfully connected and you can start fetching messages sent to the Bot in LiveAgent.

To allow your customers to contact you via Viber, place the QR code of your Viber Active Bot account on your website.

Your customers cannot contact you on the phone number of your regular Viber account, only messages sent to the Bot will be fetched to LiveAgent.

To contact your Viber bot, your customers need to add a contact and scan the QR code in their Viber account.

Alternatively, instead of the QR code, you can have a link or button on your website that customers can click to send a message to your Viber Bot from their Viber app. To achieve that you need to create a link to viber://pa?chatURI=[public account URI], where you'd replace the [public account URI] with the URI of your Viber Bot account set up during the creation of the Bot account, e.g. viber://pa?chatURI=mycompany. You can find more info about this approach here.

<a href="viber://pa?chatURI=mycompany">Send Viber message</a>

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