Live chat and Help desk software for Magento

Magento 2 - LiveAgent plugin integrates a fully-featured helpdesk and live chat software LiveAgent into any Magento 2.x installation.
  • automatically display contact button on your Magento site
  • log in to your LiveAgent panel directly from the Magento admin panel
  • easily choose a button for your site in the Magento admin panel by clicking it (visual preview of buttons available)
  • set if some customer details should be pre-filled to chat
You can download the plugin from the Magento Marketplace or at the end of this article. To install it into your Magento please follow this Installation guide.
NOTE: Be sure you use the latest LiveAgent plugin for Magento.


Be available to your customers via live chat and provide better customer service with Help Desk integration on your Magento websites.
Great customer service starts with better Help Desk software.

What is LiveAgent Help Desk Software?
LiveAgent is a Help Desk and LiveChat software, that helps you to manage and organize queries and be more available to your customers. Live chat is the fastest way to connect with your customers and reach potential clients in real-time. Setup chat for your website with LiveAgent in minutes.

What is Magento?
Magento is a highly customizable e-commerce platform and content management system that you can use to build online stores.

Magento Help Desk Software = better customer service
study shows, that live chat is the answer. It adds a unique, human element to the whole interaction process with your customers. Every single person from your support team is a specific individuality with particular skills. Let them shine and make your customers feel the spirit of deeply personal experience. It is that simple. Just use live chat.

Do not worry that you may get overwhelmed and lost in loads of inquiries. LiveAgent offers automation tools that will help you to create a simple and easy to understand workflow for your agents.
LiveAgent is one of the best Help Desk Software for Magento ever made.

The system can automatically assign tickets to particular departments or agents. You can even set the specific interval for a ticket to be resolved and make a tag that will imply urgency without manually touching anything. Right rules in the right place can make all the difference in the support space.

Integration with Magento is very simple, check our blog about Magento Help Desk Software.