IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Interactive Voice Response allows callers to navigate through a phone system before talking to a customer support representative. Via IVR you can play custom recordings to your customers, gather information during the interaction, and execute appropriate actions, such as routing the caller to the correct agent/department or issuing a callback. IVR in LiveAgent is configured using a YAML script, which requires proper formatting with spaces/indents introducing the commands.

IVR can be set up for each number connected to your LiveAgent account separately in its settings. Navigate to Configuration > Call > Numbers, Edit the number for which you want to set up IVR, and in the number's settings, navigate to the "Ivr" tab.

There are 3 mandatory sections:

  • online - this section is used when there are agents online for calls
  • queue - this section is used after the ring command when a caller needs to wait in the queue
  • offline - this section is used when no agent is online for calls

We've prepared for you several IVR examples covering standard IVR trees. To check our IVR samples, check this article.

Note that all recordings that you'd like to use in your IVR tree have to be added to your LiveAgent account. If you do not have your own IVR recordings, we provide our sample recordings free to use at the end of this article.