Changing IVR automatically

In this article you can find an example how to change your IVR using LiveAgent rules. Specifically the rule action change IVR.

You could create a rule which changes the IVR for you automatically for example if you wish to inform your customers that you are offline if they try to reach you outside your business hours.

Navigate to Configuration > Automation > Rules > Create new rule like below:


Rule has to be applied when incoming call started. In conditions you have to check if the current time is lower or greater as your Business Hours. The action, which we want to perform is - change IVR. Now you have to define your own IVR rule performed in this step or feel free to try a default example below:

  - play:
  - voicemail
  - goto: offline
  - goto: offline
Note that the link to the file in the play command is not valid and serve just as an example. A real link will be automatically generated once you'll add and insert your own recording.
Online, offline, and queue sections are mandatory in the IVR structure. Check this article for general info about IVR setup.