Shopify chat button integration

The "Shopify integration with chat button" plugin allows you to add a chat button to all pages of your Shopify store. This plugin utilizes a custom app from your Shopify account.

If you want to add the chat button only to specific pages, or you want to add a different type of contact widget than a chat button (e.g. contact button), you'll need to use Shopify's theme customization options instead of this plugin, and integrate your widget manually.

Shopify custom app creation

To create a custom app for this plugin login to your Shopify admin panel and navigate to Settings > Apps and sales channels > Develop apps for your store.


You might need to Allow custom app development if it's not yet allowed on your Shopify account, otherwise, this step won't be displayed.


Once the custom app development is allowed, create an app.


Name your custom app for easy recognition and choose the app developer.


In the app configuration Overview screen, click on Configure Admin API scopes.


In the Admin API access scopes section, search for "Script tags" scope, allow both "write_script_tags" and "read_script_tags" scopes, and Save the changes.

A single custom app can be used for both Shopify chat button integration and Shopify integration together. If that's your intention, allow also the "read_customers", and "read_orders" scopes additionally.


Navigate to the API credentials tab, and install the app.


Reveal the access token and copy it together with the API key, they will be used to configure the plugin in LiveAgent panel.

The admin API access token can be revealed only once therefore it is recommended to store it in case of future needs.

LiveAgent plugin setup

In your LiveAgent panel, navigate to Configuration > System > Plugins, search for the "Shopify integration with chat button" plugin, and activate it.


In the plugin configuration screen, fill up all the required fields - the store URL in the proper format, the API key, and the admin API access token, and choose which chat button you want to display on your Shopify website.

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