LiveAgent Web Contact Cards


LiveAgent Web Contact Cards provide a convenient way to access and interact with contact information on the web. By hovering over embedded email addresses and phone numbers, you can view CRM data and related tickets associated with the contact. In this article, we'll explore the three integration methods for using LiveAgent Web Contact Cards and their benefits.


Integration Methods for LiveAgent Web Contact Cards

Choose one of the following three methods to start using LiveAgent Web Contact Cards:


Browser Extension

Select and download the browser extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Watch the step-by-step video tutorial to configure the extension.

Once you added the extension, paste your LiveAgent URL into the configuration window


Website Code Integration

Copy the provided code and paste it between the <body> and </body> tags of your website's backend.


Please note that in this case the widget will be displayed only for contacts provided on your website.

Tampermonkey Script and Extension

Download the Tampermonkey extension for your preferred browser and the corresponding JavaScript. Insert the JavaScript into the Tampermonkey browser extension, following the video tutorial for guidance.


Once you added the Tampermonkey extension, click the "Integrate into browser extension" button. You should see a Tampermonkey UI where all you need to do is to hit the "Install" button in order to enable our script.


What are Web Contact Cards?

Web Contact Cards display contact information about people and businesses when hovering over embedded email addresses and phone numbers on the web. LiveAgent contact cards show CRM data and all related tickets associated with the contact.


What do Web Contact Cards display?

LiveAgent Web Contact Cards display the following information:

  • Contact's avatar/profile picture
  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Contact's job position
  • Total number of LiveAgent tickets associated with the contact
  • Number of open tickets associated with the contact


How does the extension work?

When hovering over mailto: and tel: links, the help desk browser extension displays a small pop-up card loaded with information fetched from LiveAgent. You can configure the email browser extension to display LiveAgent contact cards on the entire web or selected websites only.


Benefits of Web Contact Cards

Web Contact Cards can help speed up the process of initiating contact. Instead of copying data from the web and inputting it into LiveAgent, you can simply click on the embedded email to create a pre-filled ticket. By saving time on data input, you can craft more personalized and engaging emails.

The extension is also versatile and can be used as a call center chrome extension. For example, initiate an outbound in-browser call by clicking on a contact's phone number.



The LiveAgent email browser extension is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Download the extension from the Google Chrome Web Store or the Firefox browser add-ons list. Alternatively, you can place a JavaScript code into your internal CRM to use contact cards without downloading the browser extension.



LiveAgent Web Contact Cards offer a convenient and efficient way to interact with customer information on the web. By integrating one of the three methods mentioned above, you can enhance your customer interactions and streamline your communication process.