Here is the most simple example of the registration form (screenshot):
Example notes:
  • configuration options are in the js/lasignup.js file
  • you need at least insert your affiliate ID (and optionally channelId) - assigned to you in Quality Unit affiliate program
  • you can choose if the user will be redirected after signup to his newly created account on the same page or new page will be opened for him
  • you can choose the default language for newly created account
ZIP archive with the example is attached to this article.
Please note: this is just very basic example of the signup form. Feel free to customize it or create your own.
How to install
  • Unzip the content of the ZIP archive somewhere accessible by your web-browser.
  • edit file from the location above js/lasignup.js and fill in your affiliate id (optionally choose the desired variation)
  • customize value of configuration options then open your browser and open location from the previous point with page /index.html

    And you are ready to go! You can now signup new accounts via this form.