PrestaShop orders integration

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Our PrestaShop plugin allows you to see orders from your PrestaShop store directly in LiveAgent, more precisely you can see these under the customer details section. Additionally, it is possible to click on the ID of any order to open a new browser tab with PrestaShop order details directly.

This integration requires having your PrestaShop website secured by an SSL certificate.


To integrate your LiveAgent account with PrestaShop, at first, navigate in your PrestaShop admin panel to Advanced Parameters > Webservice. In the "Configuration" section, swap the "Enable PrestaShop's webservice" to "Yes" and save the configuration. Afterward, click on the "Add new webservice key" button.


In the key configuration screen, "Generate" and copy the key, and attribute to it the following permissions:

  • View (GET) customers
  • View (GET) order_states
  • View (GET) orders

Save the key at the bottom of its configuration and navigate to your LiveAgent panel.


In your LiveAgent account, navigate to Configuration > Integrations, search for the "PrestaShop" integration, activate it, and confirm the required reload.


After your panel reloads, navigate to Configuration > Integrations > PrestaShop. In its configuration window, fill up the following info:

  • Shop URL (mandatory) - URL address of your PrestaShop store.
  • Key (mandatory) - The webservice key that you've created during the previous steps in your PrestaShop admin panel.
  • Admin folder name (optional) - The name of the admin folder in your PrestaShop installation files, serves to add an option to click on the PrestaShop order ID in the ticket's customer details section and open the order details in another browser tab directly. If this field is empty or incorrectly set up, you will be redirected to a non-existing page of your PrestaShop store (see the troubleshooting article for more details).


Save the plugin and that's it. Your PrestaShop store is integrated and now you are able to see customers' orders directly in your LiveAgent account.