How to create your own twitter application

If you plan to have your own white-label of LiveAgent application, you might want to customize default settings of Twitter connect feature.
By default, this feature is pointing to the LiveAgent application created by QualityUnit. IF you want to change application name/logo and other settings you need to create your own. Here is how to do it.
Step 1
Log in to your twitter account as usual. Then start new app creation wizard on this page:
Step 2
Fill in application details. Here is an example:
Note: Callback URL must be filled in - however, this is only because of compatibility reasons.
When done, hit button "Create your Twitter application"
Step 3
After successful create go to Settings tab...
Now you can fill in additional settings like company name, company website and you can change default application logo.
When done hit Update settings button. Now go to "API keys" tab. You need to copy API key and API secret from this tab and send them to us. We'll include these settings in your white-label edition.
From the point of your customer
Here is an example from the perspective of your white-labeled LiveAgent customer. When he will try to enable his twitter to connect he'll see your app name and logo. Example:
And after click on "Add Twitter account" he'll see your app request: