All partnership models

At LiveAgent, we offer a variety of possible cooperation and partnership models, each having its specifications and requirements. If you are interested in becoming a LiveAgent partner, look at the proposed models you can be part of. The current existing cooperation models include:

Affiliate partner 
Are you looking for the easiest and the most widely used partnership model? Become our affiliate and refer us within your network of potential customers, mention us on specific forums and communities or recommend us on portals and videos. Being an affiliate brings the advantages of zero setup fee or initial payment, the opportunity to choose the pacing, and the freedom to decide on your commission value. We offer a flat 20% commission from each sale and also provide the official banners you can use on your web, e-shop, or any other online place. For more information about our affiliate program, take a look here

Resellers are our official non-exclusive partners for the specific territory or country who want to step up the partnership model and refer sales directly to the end customers via their own businesses. We cooperate with them on the marketing and support activities, and we also provide help with the initial introduction to the product and the capabilities of LiveAgent. The main difference between the affiliate partner and reseller is that resellers have to refer the sales in at least 10k USD per month and also have a higher custom commission. Therefore, we suggest first to become our affiliate partner and eventually upgrade the partnership model to the reseller as you become more successful referring the customers. Contact us at or visit this page.

Integration partner
Suppose you have customers that need a customer support solution. In that case, you can offer them LiveAgent, or create extensions and plugins to enrich your existing tools' functionality. The main benefit of an integration partner is the exchange of backlinks, mentions on our social networks, increased brand awareness, or the flow of new customers. Additionally, we can offer credit or discounts for your visitors or customers to increase the lucrativeness of LiveAgent. If you would like to receive a stream of customization and implementation requests from new and upcoming users of LiveAgent, get in touch with us at

Marketing/marketplace partner
Do you have a dedicated website or a marketplace for B2B apps? Add us to your portfolio of customer service software tools to provide your visitors with an award-winning multi-channel help desk software solution that will help them provide better customer support. Get in touch with us at to discuss the potential placement of LiveAgent, its position, and a general overview of the product. We offer your visitors a credit or discount for their LiveAgent purchase, and for you, there is an opportunity to receive a revenue share from each purchase made.

We understand that there are many options for how to partner with us. So if you are interested in more details or want to partner, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at