How to use own custom payment processor

For standalone licenses
Reseller can define its own payment URL (in his reseller panel). Customer will be redirected to this URL when buying feature, increase agents count or upgrade.
URL support these variables:
{$totalPrice} - total price. This can be price in USD or local currency in case of hosted account upgrade
{$usdTotalPrice} - total price, always in USD
{$licenseCode} - license code, reseller can identify standalone account license by this
{$variation} - variation code, license/account variation code
{$quantity} - in case of agent increase this will be number of new agents in order
How to enter the URL?
To set up custom payment URL to standalone licenses:
open your reseller panel. Go menu->Configuration->owned licenses
Now you can fill two different URLs. One for buying features, another one for buying agents. Here is an example of valid UR:{$licenseCode}&totalPrice={$totalPrice}&variation={$variation}&q={$quantity}
For hosted licenses
You can enter custom payment URL also for hosted accounts. In this case, you can use these variables:
{$accountid} - id of the hosted account. you can get info about the account using our REST API call.
{$totalPrice} - total price (can be in local currency)
{$usdTotalPrice} - total price - always in $usd
{$totalAgents} - number of agents that customer is ordering
{$licenseCode} - customers license code - just informational (because license is not important in case of hosted account)
{$variation} - variation that customer want upgrade to. you can get variation info by using REST API call.