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How to pause a script execution
Imagine the situation you want to change the color of the element you can't insp... more
Dynamic multi-language signature
With LiveAgent you have the ability to define an advanced agent signature that i... more
How to use custom fonts in LiveAgent
A few customers have asked us if they are able to use custom fonts for different... more
GDPR: Placing Consent Acceptance in Chat
LiveAgent is committed to privacy, security, compliance and transparency. This a... more
How to Disable 'Start chat again' button in Chat Windows
By default, customers have an option to start a new chat directly from the previ... more
Delete all tickets from a specific customer
This guide explains how to delete and completely purge all customer's tickets fr... more
Delete Customer in LiveAgent
Delete customer‘s account and all his details in LiveAgent is very easy. In ag... more
Using Let's encrypt SSL certificate
Customers are often curious, how to use Let's encrypt SSL certificate with LiveA... more
How to delete contact with all its tickets
If you want to delete some customer contact with all its submitted tickets from ... more
How to import contacts from csv
Although we don't offer this function as part of the LiveAgent application, an e... more
Date format in email templates
There are 2 options how to include the date in e-mail templates: 1. Use _$date_... more
Contact form listbox fields
Sometimes you need listbox fields without a default value on your contact form, ... more
How to create desktop app/shortcut for LiveAgent using Google Chrome
Sometimes, customers wish to use LiveAgent (https://www.liveagent.com/) as deskt... more
Contact form fields in columns
If you need to request a lot of info from customer when he is submitting a ticke... more
Working with time and date in email templates
Sometimes you might want to send to customer in an email also current time and d... more
Notification (postback) calls to external applications (scripts)
Most power users operate multiple different softwares to cover every single aspe... more
HTML Signature for agents
Make sure that you are editing the template´s source in HTML. Agent's photo i... more
Automatically enable/disable chat button during business hours
Normally LiveAgent chat buttons are displayed on a website when there is at leas... more
How to display a custom message to the customer after chat
Sometimes you want to display a custom message to the customer when your chat is... more
How to delete ticket attachments and reduce database size
Note: This article is only useful for self-hosted installations of LiveAgent, as... more
How to port out phone number to Twilio and connect it to LiveAgent
- Contact Twilio (https://www.twilio.com/help/contact), let them know you want t... more
What is a shared mailbox?
Shared mailbox (https://www.liveagent.com/shared-mailbox-team-email-management/)... more
How to create a shared mailbox in Office 365
Shared mailbox (https://www.liveagent.com/shared-mailbox-team-email-management/)... more
How to create a shared inbox in Gmail
You can use a group as a collaborative inbox in Gmail to distribute and track re... more

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