Tips & Tricks

How to Check the Version of My LiveAgent Account

To manually check the current version of your LiveAgent account, access your agent panel and view the source code of the page by right-clicking anywhere in the panel and selecting the option "View page source".

Creating a multi-widget

To incorporate a multi-widget on your website, which includes features such as a contact form, Messenger and WhatsApp links, and a chat button, similar to those seen on [](, you may utilize the provided HTML template. For in-depth instructions about advanced widget integration refer to the following [article]( Please note that this is not a default LiveAgent feature/widget and we do n...

How to create a WhatsApp contact button

If you've [integrated your WhatsApp number]( with your LiveAgent account and would like to have a button on your website on which your customers can click to open WhatsApp and contact you right away, we've prepared a few HTML codes that you are welcome to copy, modify, and use on your website. Please note that using or modifying the following codes requires knowledge of HTML and CSS code. Do not forget to replace the "whatsappphonenumber" in the cod...

How to not fetch specific emails from inbox

Quick navigation - How to not fetch specific emails from Gmail inbox (#gmail_exclude) - How to not fetch specific emails from Outlook inbox (#outlook_exclude) After you connect an email account to LiveAgent (, depending on your choice, it will fetch all existing emails or only new emails received after the account was connected from the inbox. LiveAgent does not have an option to decide which emails will be fetched and wh...

How to port out phone number to Twilio and connect it to LiveAgent

- Contact Twilio (, let them know you want to port out a number from your Freshdesk account and provide your new SID. - Then contact Freshdesk immediately and have them initiate a port out from Twilio to that same SID, and they will eventually sync up and change ownership of the number to the new SID in Twilio. - Continue with the setup guide on How to connect Twilio number to LiveAgent:

How to pause a script execution

Imagine the situation you want to change the color of the element you can't inspect the right way because of the script execution goes on the background of the website. So you can't catch it and find the correct Class or ID of the element that you wish to change the color for. The solution would be to pause script execution. Press F12 or Control+Shift+I and use the following screenshots showing you the workaround = ------------------------- ------------------------- ----------...