Reseller panel

How to create a hosted account

If your customer asks for a hosted account running on our cloud, simply follow this instruction manual in order to add one. Note: if you want to add a new account using our REST API - follow this guide (ttp:// 1. Log-in to your reseller panel Then go to Start->Hostings->LiveAgent hosted accounts _ On this screen, you can see all your hosted accounts in one place. You can filter, suspend, unsusp...

How to setup notification URL

What is notification URL? Notification URL is a place where your script can receive XML notifications from our system. How to setup notification URL? It's simple. Just enter proper URL into "Notification URL" text box in "URL notifications" screen in your reseller panel. "URL notifications" screen is located in Main menu->configuration->URL notifications. Can I leave it empty? Yes, you can. In that case, we won't notify you about any type of event. But your only optio...

General settings for all hosted accounts guide

Setting "External reseller URL" This URL is showed to the customer whenever he opens "My account" dialog in his admin panel and/or he wants to upgrade. This URL should be valid URL, but you can use following variables in it to identify customer: {$accountid} - identifies customer which opened external URL. Example of URL with variables:{$accountid}/step_one.php How it looks like on "My account screen"

What is API key?

What is API key? API key is identity of your Reseller account (like your username and password) which you can use to build your own custom integration solutions. Never give it to anybody you don't trust.

General settings for owned licenses

Agents payment URL This URL will be used as payment URL for all your licenses - when license owner wants to raise its maximum agents to count. _TODO: add here some example from application_ Features payment URL This URL will be used as payment URL for all your licenses - when license owner wants to buy some extra feature which is not already included in his license. _TODO: add here some example from application_