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Forwarding an email into the support system

Oct 30, 2018
Lucas Traikoff wrote

I am new to Live Agent, and we seem to be having trouble getting emails into the support system from an inbox. Regularly my CEO will get an email from a customer that needs to be transferred to support, however when we have tested this, forwarding or CCing the message to the support inbox marks the sender as the recipient to the response, not the person who initially sent the message. Is there a setting or automation to tell the support inbox to treat the initial sender as the recipient for response to the ticket?
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Oct 31, 2018
Martin Svitek agent wrote
Hello there Lucas,

I am sorry but LiveAgent currently doesn't have an option for what you're looking for, there is no easy way to forward email from external inbox to a mail account which is connected in LiveAgent and have the original sender set as the owner and recipient in the resulting ticket.

LiveAgent will set the owner of the ticket to the email address recognized in From or Reply To email headers, this can be defined in Configuration->Email->Email settings->Conversation owner.

We have a suggestion reported that would treat emails forwarded from email addresses of people created as agents in LiveAgent differently and set the original sender as owner of the ticket, however there is no ETA when this will be implemented.
Nov 06, 2018
Mario Aldayuz wrote

This is a pretty common feature across every other support desk we've used -- it's a critical asset for our agents/customer service managers/account managers to forward customer emails and have tickets created appropriately. Typically, it looks for the first 'from' email if there's a FWD prepended to the subject.

What's the process for submitting a feature request?
Nov 07, 2018
Martin Slastan agent wrote
Hello Mario,

Thank you for your feedback. This feature has been already requested and therefore there is no need to submit a new request again.
I have added your feadback to the existing feature request in our development platform.

May 02, 2019
James Elliott wrote
Hi Martin. is there an update on this as we're finding the system unusable until this is resolved. Thanks
May 06, 2019
Matus agent wrote
Hello James.

Unfortunately, this feature wasn't added to our milestone yet. At the moment, we are not sure when we start to work on it, I am sorry.
Jul 11, 2019
Bryan Caplovitz wrote
I think you already have this functionality... isn't this what "Change ticket owner" is for?
Jul 15, 2019
Matus agent wrote
"Change ticket owner" is the manual way of changing the owner on any ticket. This feature is there for a long time.

The initial suggestion from Lucas was about creating a ticket with a customer as an owner directly (without need to change it manually) when an email is forwarded from outside email address.
For example when an agent got an email from customer to his personal email address. When the agent forwards emails to LA, LA sets the agent as the owner on tickets, but this feature would set the customer as owner automatically.

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