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What is the alias field for when configuring an e-mail account?

When configuring e-mail accounts in LiveAgent you might have noticed the Alias box.

What is that for? 

Well, sometimes some people or company might have several e-mail addresses pointed to a particular e-mail folder (account), so that those e-mail addresses use a common inbox (this is configured in their mail server).


might be pointed to sales@mycompany.com that is the common inbox (the real mail account) of those e-mail addresses.

The company is using LiveAgent to provide support to their customers and they are fetching the emails from sales@mycompany.com, while  they defined both product1@mycompany.com and product2@mycompany.com as alias when configuring the e-mail account inside LiveAgent.

Let's imagine that customer John sends an email to sales@mycompany.com while into CC (carbon copy) he adds product1@mycompany.com.
At this point in LiveAgent there will be a ticket created and when the agent hits reply the reply will go ONLY  to customer John thanks to the defined alias.

If the e-mail address of product1@mycompany.com was not defined as an alias, product1@... would be added as ticket recipient, and the reply would go also to that address and suddenly the reply would be a 'new email' in the inbox of sales@mycompany.com and LiveAgent would fetch that reply as a ticket. This way we could get into a loop.

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