How to create a shared mailbox in Office 365

Shared mailbox is a great way for teams to monitor and send email from a common email address, like It works in the same way as your normal email account but is managed by several people in your organization. They can share the responsibility of monitoring the mailbox and responding to emails. 

Customer questions get quicker answers, and related emails are all stored in one mailbox. Read more about advantages of using a shared mailbox.

Shared mailboxes in Office 365 Setup

  1. Login to Office 365 with your account.
  2. Go to the admin home page.
  3. Select Users & Groups.
  4. On the Users & Groups page, select Shared Mailboxes, and then select Add.
  5. On the Add a shared mailbox page, enter the following information:
    Mailbox name - This name appears in the address book, on the To field in email, and in the list of shared mailboxes on the Shared Mailboxes page. It's required and should be user-friendly so people recognize what it is.
    Email address - Enter the email address for the shared mailbox. It's required.
  6. Select Next.
  7. On the Add members page, select Add.
  8. In the search field, type a person’s name and then select Search. The person is added to the list of members.
  9. When you’re done adding members, select Finish.

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