Different language for different customers?

In LiveAgent you can choose from more languages. This is not only to support our clients with different language variations, but it is also for you to offer support in more languages in one Live Agent installation. E.g. if your customers are from France and from Switzerland as well, and you can offer French and German support, then you can set the application to display in French for French customers and display in German for Customers from Switzerland (or from Germany or Austria as well).

What to do?
First, you should enable the languages you want support. Navigate to Configuration > System > Languages. (If the language you would like to use is not in the list, unfortunately we do not have it yet. However we are really interested in such a translation so if you can provide it, we offer a compensation in the form of a credit for your LiveAgent account. Please contact us in this case.)

When languages are ready, you have to create different chat buttons for different language support

Different buttons for different languages
It is convenient to create a special department for each language, so a specialized agent can work in the particular department in order to avoid any inconvenience caused by a language barrier that could happen to occur in case a different language speaking customer reached an agent who does not speak the language.

When you are done, you have to create a chat button for each department, and finally insert the button code to your website, so each customer can choose the proper department.
The language of the chat window will be chosen based on the same algorithm mentioned in point 1.