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RSS Feed for Knowledge base

Apr 11 (11 months ago)
Stefan Müller wrote
We´re using the standalone version of your LiveAgent system and I´m having a specific use case where I need help.
Is it somehow possible or planned to develop a RSS feature for customers of our knowledge base?
We are having multiple categories for all of our products and we´re announcing new firmware or software versions in those categories, however, nobody notices it since there is no possibility for our customers to subscribe to an article/category etc. Using an RSS feed in order to announce new versions would help to notify our customers.

Is it planned?
Or speaking out of your experience, is there any other way to fulfill my request?

Thank you!
2 Answers
Apr 11 (11 months ago)
Martin Slastan agent wrote
Hello Stefan,

Our software is not designed to offer these kind of functionalities. It's mainly a ticketing helpdesk platform. Customer relation and product management is not what it was designed for and we do not plan to extend our software in these ways in close future.

I think an easy solution for your use case would be to use some email marketing platform to handle such bulk email notifications or newsletters for the users that are subscribed on your website. Our own team is handling these kind of things in a similar way as well.
Apr 11 (11 months ago)
Stefan Müller wrote
Hello Martin,

alright, thanks for your prompt reply!

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