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How to assign a KnowledgeBase article to various different categories?

Jul 09, 2015
When creating an article for our FAQ page, I don't see any feature to assign the article to multiple categories.

E.g. "Which Hardware Encoder do you recommend?".

This FAQ would fit into the category "Live Streaming" but also into the category "Hardware Encoder".

Now we always have to create double entries/articles, and the problem is, that when changing the article, I have to do twice the work: making changes on two separate articles.

3 Answers
Jul 09, 2015
Martin Svitek agent wrote
Hello Marlene,

currently it is not really possible to have the same article linked under multiple categories but you could create a link basically. You create your real article in one of the categories where you want it. Then you create a second article in the second category, you go to Source in the edit bar to open the source code view so you can add code directly there. Now you can add a simple javascript redirect there which will redirect to the real article when this "link" article is opened. The code would look something like this:

window.location = "http://URLtoArticleToWhichYouWantToRedirect";

So now when someone clicks on the "link" article in your second category he gets redirected to the real article. So you will only need to update the real article from this point on.

I have also added a suggestion to our developers to add an option for adding one article under multiple categories directly but it will definitely take some time until it gets added to the software so hopefully this workaround will work fine for you.
May 06 (2 months ago)
Lars wrote
I agree with you both. But I think a (multi-level hierarchical) tagging system might work even better. I have the same issues but I would also like to have a 'Dutch' tag and an 'English' tag to support different languages without having to split them in different folders. Sometimes it's easier to just have an article in one language and it should still be visible to people who have the other language tab activated (aka unfiltered). Then people who only speak one language can de-activate the other language but other people can find all articles around one subject still in one folder.

I don't think to have two or more different KB's is a good solution in the multi-language world we are living in nowadays.

May 07 (2 months ago)
JohnGordon agent wrote
Nice point Lars, definitely would be a great addition. I've added your suggestion as well.

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