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Feature Request: Reply Mail and open new Mail

Dec 15 (7 months ago)
Marco wrote

1. Problem

The following scenario:
Customer A creates a ticket via mail. To answer the customer's question, I have to write to the manufacturer. I want to do that in the same ticket.
I can forward the mail in the ticket, but then I have to delete the original message from customer A because the customer's data does not concern the manufacturer.
It would be great if I had a button in this ticket for "new email".

2nd problem:

If the manufacturer writes back in this ticket, then I do not have the opportunity to reply to the manufacturer on this email.
I can only forward again then I have to enter the manufacturer's email address again.
It's all very cumbersome.


1. Possibility to open a new mail in a ticket (not just reply and forward)
2. Possibility to reply to an email that is not from the actual ticket creator

Almost all competitors have these two options.
I think your program is really great and don't want to switch.
Please install the two things
1 Answer
Dec 16 (7 months ago)
Matus agent wrote
Hello Marco.

the suggestion was reported to our developers. Hopefully, we will add such an option in the future.
In the meantime, you can use workaround using forward as you wrote or you can create a new ticket (email) to a manufacturer and link it into the customer's email using notes and ticket ID.

if manufacturer writes you back to a ticket, you should be able to reply to him directly or reply to all ticket recipients. You can also customize the recipients in the right panel under a ticket ID.
If you have trouble with this, please, write us an email to support@liveagent.com with more details about your account and example of such a ticket. We will look into it for you.

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