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One of the most trending email marketing tools. Also has CRM capability - recently added. I keep all my data base, with tags, custom fields, history of activities there. A 2-way native sync with them ...
Apr 02 (45 hours ago)
Similar to Cloudapp... This is a must have for support teams - to immediately send screen shots, screen recordings with explainer notes, etc. This was an AppSumo product as well and Sumolings were ass...
Apr 02 (44 hours ago)
One of the most favored booking, scheduling apps.. This helps the support team to set, schedule support (and even sales) call timings. This would help Liveagent to be also a sales machine vs only a su...
Apr 02 (44 hours ago)
Cloud storage is important when sending files, saving files that can be collaborated. All other support systems (Zendesk, HelpScout and all others) have a native Dropbox integration.
Apr 02 (44 hours ago)
Vectera is a great video conferencing facility for not only 1on1 video (or audio-only) conference but also for smaller conferences - say up to 8-9 participants. Connecting directly with the lead, cust...
Apr 02 (44 hours ago)
Mattermost Integration
You guys already have Slack integration, it would be awesome to see Mattermost integration as well. Both using a similar system/protocol. Mattermost has a Opensource edition and is self hosted. Some e...
Feb 20 (43 days ago)

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