How to delete contact with all its tickets

If you want to delete some customer contact with all its submitted tickets from your agent panel, you need to do 3 following actions:

  • search contact and click on "delete" 
  • after you click on "delete" you need to choose the option "Delete customer from all lists and also delete all his tickets. "
  • the status of this customer's tickets is changed to "deleted", so the last step is to "purge" them from the ticket list completely

1. step: Navigate to "Customer portal" > "Contacts" and search for a specific contact there. When you have it, you can choose the "delete" action.

2. step: After clicking on "delete", a dialog window appears and you need to choose "Delete customer from all lists and also delete all his tickets"

3. step: Now you need to navigate to ticket list. Tickets with the status "deleted" are not shown in the ticket grid by default, so you need to use "custom filter", where you need to check the status for "deleted" tickets. After you do so, you can see all deleted tickets according to the email/contact you choose in the search. 

4. step: When you see customer tickets with a "deleted" status, you can easily select all tickets (very first checkbox in the grid) and choose the "Mass action" option/button. In the next dialog window, from the drop-down menu of possible actions, you need to choose "purge" and click on "Run".