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Report Access for Non Admin Users

Oct 24 (7 months ago)
Eric Hilberg wrote
I saw a response back in July of 2018 that some work may have been planned for Non Admin users to access the reports in Live Agent. Has there been any progress or timeline on when this may be available? There are key stakeholders in our organization who need access to this data and requires an administrator to manually pull and send.

Please advise.
5 Answers
Oct 24 (7 months ago)
Sebastián Slušník agent wrote
Hi Eric! The mentioned option is included in the "Role administration" feature that is planned to be implemented in LiveAgent. Unfortunately, the feature is still in the development phase, so we cannot provide an ETA for the release at the moment, but we will keep our clients updated.
Oct 24 (7 months ago)
Eric Hilberg wrote
Aren't these reports already available to Administrators role? That is the problem we are having as non Administrators are unable to access these. Is a new role being defined to allow non Administrators to access the reports?
Oct 24 (7 months ago)
Sebastián Slušník agent wrote
Every report is available for Administrators. The new feature will allow you to manage user´s privileges, for example, rights to see reports
Oct 25 (7 months ago)
Eric Hilberg wrote
Okay that makes sense. Appears this has been in the works since July 2018. An ETA of some sort would help us plan internally on what we do to address this in the meantime. Any details would help.
Oct 28 (7 months ago)
Matus agent wrote
Unfortunately, at the moment there is still no ETA on this feature as it was not added to the milestone yet.

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