WhatsApp integration possible problems

You can face some problems or errors while integrating or using our WhatsApp integration. We've listed the most common issues for you:

Cannot receive new messages

If your WhatsApp number is connected to your LiveAgent account and active but not fetching new WhatsApp messages, please double-check the WhatsApp sender in the Twilio console. If the sender is missing or has an incorrect Webhook URL for incoming messages & Status callback URL set up, you won't be able to receive new messages.

Do not forget to replace account.ladesk.com with your real LiveAgent account URL.

All messages sent to you while the Webhook URL for incoming messages & Status callback URL are missing or wrong are lost and won't be fetched additionally after fixing the URLs.


Invalid recipient

This error is displayed in a WhatsApp ticket when the recipient is not correct or the selected phone number does not have a WhatsApp account.