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Can you add a few options to the New Call screen?

Jul 11, 2019
Bryan Caplovitz wrote
When creating a new call to a customer, I don't typically have their number memorized. The New Call screen, however, requires that I enter a phone number, which means searching, copying, and pasting from somewhere else.

If you could add the Customer and Department fields from the Compose New Internal Ticket screen that would be perfect. Entering a name in the customer field should be all we need to find a customer's phone number. (The phone number should be displayed once a customer is selected.) Of course, there still needs to be a way to dial a number not yet in the system to create a new customer record.
1 Answer
Jul 12, 2019
Sebastián Slušník agent wrote
Thank you for your suggestion Bryan! Actually, you are already able to search by customer name in the "Number" field while creating new call (see attachment) same as you are able to search for specific number or insert a whole new one as well. There are 2 requirements to do this. First of all the customer you are looking for has to be created in the Customers --> Contacts section. Second - you have to enter at least 3 characters to start searching in the customer list.

In terms of choosing a department, every number you have added to your LiveAgent is assigned to a specific department. So if you change the number which will be used to handle the call, department will be automatically changed, too. But I see your point, and maybe it would be beneficial to have an optional "Departments" field, so I am reporting this as an feature request 😊

In case of any other question do not hesitate to contact us again.

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